unleash your potential and become how you mean to be by using the tools and techniques of head4knowledge

You have amazing potential, and like the rest of us, you may sometimes need a little help to unleash it. Our purpose is to provide you and others the tools, techniques, and understanding to develop your personal potential, be happy, and live meaningfully.

As a result, you’ll learn to be the pilot of your own life. You’ll discover the destination you want to reach, avoid the distractions, and build your skills and knowledge. Your development will enable you to live a positive and meaningful life. That’s having a head4knowledge.

Who Am I?

I’m Dr. David Leasure. In 2017, after 25+ years as an educator, I realized that the typical college education does not address the most important skills of life.

That’s why I created Head4Knowledge. I want to provide you the support you need to achieve your full potential, whether or not you go to college! I have been helped by so many people throughout my life. They helped me through my struggles and my triumphs. Photo of David Leasure. Build the skills & knowledge you need to reach your dreams. I’ve been helping learners succeed for over 30 years and want to share the best with you. Join me on this journey.

I’m so passionate about providing this that I want to help as many amazing people as I can to develop their Head4Knowledge. I hope that you’ll do the same with yourself, your family, and your friends.

Since I’m dedicated to this goal, I offer you as many techniques and tools as I can. To support my commitment, I’ll occasionally offer reasonably priced courses, books, and services to unlock and grow your potential.

My Promise to You

My promise to you: I do not recycle the same old stuff that’s out on the web. I personally test all advice I give to ensure it develops and triggers personal transformation that unleashes your amazing potential.  I only put on the website proven, effective approaches.

My articles use information that come from research studies. I simplify their advice down to a practical core that you can use and still have confidence in the results.

Don’t eat mediocre food. And don’t waste time on untested opinions.

Getting Started

There are two starter articles to help you.

The first helps you take a positive approach to defining a life vision to work towards that builds on the strengths of your past and avoids becoming simply what others think you should be.

The second article describes how to coach others and your self by building on your strengths and opportunities. Use it to be much more effective than you can with typical feedback sessions like people have with others and themselves.

Before you click on the articles, please take a moment, if you haven’t already done so, to subscribe to Head4Knowledge. You’ll receive 2-4 emails per month from me that will continue to encourage and help you unleash your potential. I’ll also send you a welcome series of email that include my email address so you can make comments or ask questions.

All my best intentions and advice to you,



Here are those articles I promised: