Man trapped behind chain link fence. Many barriers prevent or interfere with success in college.
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How to Overcome 10 Common Barriers to College Success

Over 100 students returning to college were surveyed between May and November, 2017 on their barriers to success. They rated 60 skills, attitudes, and life situations from very low to very high. These 60 areas contribute to doing well and are known risk factors. I list the top ten most frequently id...

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Person reading and highlighting. Highlighting is one of a number of often recommended but provably ineffective methods of studying.
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Wasting your time studying? How to and How not to Study.

Many posts and articles in the last few years have broken my heart. They give counter-productive techniques to studying that not only waste your time, but set you up for frustration and disappointment. Several teams of learning scientists analyzed the research and found the most effective and ineffe...

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