Photo by Kelley Bozarth on Unsplash shows an older hand lighting the sparkler held by another in a metaphor for transferable-skills and education that serves a bigger purpose.
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How to Help Learners Succeed in an Uncertain Future, Part 2: Personal Growth

I planned originally to make this post the final in a two-part sequence on preparing college learners with transferable-skills to succeed in their next fifty years of an uncertain employment future. But I delayed my writing to attend the well-done WCET 2017 Conference and had the benefit of thinking...

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Learners accelerate growth in performance power through knowledge, tools, skills, and support.
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Learners Grow Performance Power with Knowledge, Tools, Skills, and Support to Accelerate Learning

Every important thing we do is a performance. Whether students or professionals, learners grow performance power by strengthening their learning.  As long as there's more time, there's opportunity to grow. It's how we use our time and the effectiveness of our learning, that determine how much we gro...

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