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Purchase Martial Arts for Life by David Leasure & Grand Master Jin Yong Kwon

cover iconGet started helping your child master 22 life qualities. Available from David Leasure’s amazon.com page.

Martial arts can be so much more than kicks and punches. Parents help impact the character of their children when they enroll them in a martial arts training program and know how to guide them.

This book combines the time-tested wisdom of martial arts with the best of learning science to produce a guide to help you and your children get more enjoyment while they develop the qualities that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Written using stories and practical advice, parents will find this book easy to read and full of wisdom for helping their child become more kind, brave, disciplined, respectful, and successful.

The chapters cover the time before training begins, training for the first belt, and continuing forward with the next.

Each chapter begins with a story, explores the meaning of the story, explains key principles, and ends with a personal essay from a young martial artist.

Twenty-two skills and qualities are described, with numerous examples, easy to use measurements, and teaching tips. The printed book has 150 pages in the easy to read 6×9 inch format. Each edition contains over 20 photographs.



About Author

David Leasure

With over twenty-five years’ experience in martial arts, Dr. Leasure continues to practice and holds a second-degree black belt black belt in taekwondo. He started martial arts in wrestling and is a state champion. He continued in Shotokan karate and earned a second-degree black belt. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science.

For the last twenty-five years, Leasure has been a provost at multiple online universities and a scholar of learning science and practice. He has been honored with multiple awards for his teaching and leadership. He actively practices the qualities of learning and self-growth and credits their contribution to the quality of his life. He is a co-author with Daniel Apple and Wade Ellis of the book, The Professional’s Guide to Self-growth: A step-by-step process for developing your unlimited potential, published in 2018.

Dr. Leasure and his wife have been married over thirty years and raised 3 children. He loves teaching and helping others to reach their full potential. His vision is to positively impact the lives of over 10 million learners.

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