Fireworks. My promise is to get learning going for all learners and facilitators.

David Leasure’s Promise

My first promise to you is to devote the bulk of my time to facilitating learners to be the pilots of their own education and prepare them for a lifetime of achievement. was born to fulfill the vision that Photo of David Leasure. Build the skills & knowledge you need to reach your dreams. I’ve been helping learners succeed for over 30 years and want to share the best with you. Join me on this journey.

By 2028 I want to prepare:

  • 1 million mentors who are inspired by this dream to facilitate equitable education for
  • 10 million learners who have a Head4Knowledge and are developing into self-growth experts.

Since I’m serious about the two goals above, I need the following second and third promises:

  • I will work to generate enough income to sustain and expand the effort. To do that, I plan to offer courses, books, and services for a reasonable price.
  • I will never rent, sell, or trade your contact information to anyone else. For details, see the Head4Knowledge privacy policy.

I invite you as a companion traveller to join me in this journey and to help reach these goals.

Next Steps

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Photo by kazuend on Unsplash.