Photo of David Leasure. Build the skills & knowledge you need to reach your dreams. I’ve been helping learners succeed for over 30 years and want to share the best with you. Join me on this journey.

David Leasure became an educator to help others unleash their unlimited potential. That’s his promise to you.

Others know David as an innovator in online higher education. He has led online university programs, developed problem-based approaches to online learning, and promoted competency-based education. He conducts research to improve learning and personal development.

David earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science at Kansas State University. He earned his doctorate emphasizing artificial intelligence, from the University of Kansas. He taught computer science at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. David led academics at Colorado Technical University, Jones International University, and Western Governors University.

His Core Beliefs

He discovered a love of teaching (for which he’s won several honors). He turned his interests from artificial intelligence to teaching and learning with technology. This transition occurred at the same time the world-wide-web was getting started. He then integrated his passion with the web and online learning.

David believes that all people have amazing potential to live lives of meaning and fulfillment. In 2017, after 25 years in higher education, he realized that almost no college teaches you how to unleash your potential. And yet, these skills matter more than any college subject. A small number of colleges teach how to learn. An even smaller number teach how to develop into who you see as your ideal, future self.

David’s core belief includes the personal mission to help others learn these vital skills.

How He Lives His Promise

David uses his personal life vision to say thank you to the many people who have helped him live a meaningful and positive life. He’s does this by paying it forward through the creation and investment of personal energy into Head4Knowledge. He invites others to join him in changing their lives and the lives of others by helping them to unleash their potential.

He promises to provide you with tested and effective methods of personal transformation. David will do this by building tools, describing techniques, making videos, and sending encouraging emails. He supports his promise by offering books, courses, and coaching at reasonable cost.

How You Can Get Started

Read and share information with others. Read some, then do some. Doing will change you. When you share, you’ll build more understanding.

There are two starter articles to help you.

The first helps you take a positive approach to defining a life vision to work towards. Your life plan  builds on the strengths of your past and works to achieve opportunities to develop. Importantly, your vision and plan avoid becoming who others think you should be.

The second article describes how to coach others and your self by building on your strengths and opportunities. Use it to be much more effective than you can with typical feedback sessions like people have with others and themselves.

Before you click on the articles, please take a moment, if you haven’t already done so, to subscribe to Head4Knowledge. You’ll receive 2-4 emails per month from me that will continue to encourage and help you unleash your potential. By signing up, you’ll receive a series of emails from David that also share his email so you can ask questions and make comments.


Here are those articles :