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Here’s what others have said about our content

Life Vision

I feel I have grown as a person in that I more clearly understand who I am, why I am where I am at, and what I want out of the rest of my life.”

I was not prepared for the personal, eye-opening experience this course has been. It has made me look at who I think I am, who I want to be and what it is going to take to get there.”

What I didn’t expect was the in-depth look at myself and how my experiences have shaped me, or the ambition to go out and learn new things I’ve been putting off my entire life.”

Growth Mindset

…has given me tools I didn’t expect that will help me achieve these goals, and any others I set for myself. An unintended tool I learned from this class was how to overcome failure, finding success in failure.”

What I have learned about facilitating self-growth is that it takes hard work, dedication and persistence to (1) want to grow and (2) to continue to use it as a practice in every day. With every distraction, there’s a tool to overcome it, with every success there’s another milestone to complete and with every failure, there is a success story to follow.”


I have additionally learned to Self-Assess [self-coach] rather than Self-Evaluate, which is extremely important because you cannot learn from mistakes when all you do is criticize and beat yourself up over them.”

Here was a roadmap that I could use to identify my skills that were weak and gave examples of applications and how to improve them, which would help me build my identity as a student that much faster.”

Handling Life’s Challenges

What I didn’t expect was to learn how to build those skills through self-assessment [self-coaching] and gain a greater confidence in myself and my ability to work through challenges …as I started this, I was thrown into the middle of an unexpected divorce, a move that wasn’t planned for, and a new job.”

I was not prepared for the amount of critical thinking and reflecting on myself that was going to happen … [resulting in] Being extremely aware of myself and my failures and what I can and have done to improve and grow.”

Positive Outlook

I grew in my being able to look at myself and my issues honestly, placing blame where it belonged. A part of my personality that has been sleeping for a long time has been reawakened: my love of learning and my strong desire to do well in school.”

I have grown as a learner when it comes to assessing myself. but what I was not expecting was learning how to be more positive towards my ability to finish school.”

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