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My personal mission is to help you unleash your amazing potential by publishing useful information and personalized coaching in such areas as

Photo of David Leasure. Build the skills & knowledge you need to reach your dreams. I’ve been helping learners succeed for over 30 years and want to share the best with you. Join me on this journey.
  • your goals
  • your life vision
  • learning success
  • faculty success
  • executive roles
  • how to flourish

I have experience as

  • a life coach for the Academy of Process Educators
  • an award-winning assistant and associate professor of computer science (TAMU-CC)
  • an award winning systems and knowledge engineer (AT&T Bell Labs)
  • a researcher in equitable education and multi-time grant recipient (NSF, ED, and foundations)
  • provost at three institutions (WGU, JIU, and CTU)
  • president at two institutions (JIU & CTU)
  • dean and chancellor at one institution (CTU)
  • I’ve published over 15 papers and 2 books on personal development and learning in the last 5 years.

Let me apply this experience to coaching your personal success goals.

I would love to coach faculty and academic leaders on any aspect of their careers or institutions and learners on learning how to learn and life vision. I’ve coached faculty on teaching, research, and life vision and executives on vision strategy, teaching & learning, and accreditation. I have coached hundreds of students to be successful.

You can expect a no-cost, no-obligation 20-minute consultation where we talk about your goals, your readiness for coaching, and whether I’m a good fit to help you.

I hold these sessions through a video call (zoom) or on the phone, and I have flexible evening and weekend hours. You’ll have work we design together to be done between calls.

If coaching with me is a fit, then I offer a the following (fulfilled through a companion site, myheroicpath.com):

Schedule your no-cost, no-obligation discovery consultation, here.

I look forward to working with you.