In a display of civility, baboons sit in hot pools.
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Foster Civility. A High School Student Teaches: THINK Before Speaking.

How much of the rhetoric we hear in the media is bitter and mean? A local high school student describes a solution to help students, and the rest of us, learn the art of civility, in part by using the THINK strategy before speaking. Craig Ritzman won an essay contest sponsored by Westminster College...

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Our emotions can get the best of us, unless we learn how to regulate them, including reduce vulnerability, understand the reaction, and self-regulate.
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Do your emotions control you? How to handle your feelings.

Have you ever been surprised by an emotional reaction you didn't expect? Did it interfere with what you wanted to accomplish? Don't let your emotions control you. You cannot stop them, but you can choose from several strategies to reduce their impact, once you understand what's happening.
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