In a display of civility, baboons sit in hot pools.
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Foster Civility. A High School Student Teaches: THINK Before Speaking.

How much of the rhetoric we hear in the media is bitter and mean? A local high school student describes a solution to help students, and the rest of us, learn the art of civility, in part by using the THINK strategy before speaking. Craig Ritzman won an essay contest sponsored by Westminster College...

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Framework of glass angles in a building represent the transferable-competency framework needed to build resilience for the future.
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How to Help Learners Succeed in an Uncertain Future, Part 3: Transferable-Competency Framework

The learners of today will face continuously evolving futures of challenge. Will you be up to it? In part 1 of this 3 part series, we discussed employment-focused, transferable-competency frameworks. I covered the controversy between proponents of employment-focused and those favoring personal growt...

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be more engaged in all moments of your life by knowing your engagement level on the 5P scale;
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Are You Engaged in What You Do? How to Level-up on the 5P Engagement Scale

Asking yourself, am I fully engaged? can help you decide how to best spend your precious time. To make the most of your opportunities, use the 5P Engagement Scale to assess your engagement level and then move your mindset to a higher level. When you've mastered this approach for yourself, you may up...

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Photo by Kelley Bozarth on Unsplash shows an older hand lighting the sparkler held by another in a metaphor for transferable-skills and education that serves a bigger purpose.
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How to Help Learners Succeed in an Uncertain Future, Part 2: Personal Growth

I planned originally to make this post the final in a two-part sequence on preparing college learners with transferable-skills to succeed in their next fifty years of an uncertain employment future. But I delayed my writing to attend the well-done WCET 2017 Conference and had the benefit of thinking...

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Picture of mapping tools. Assessing Authentic Learning is done through Authentic Tasks. How someone uses the tools and knowledge to perform is crucial to success. Validity of assessment is enhanced when performances are authentic.
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Authentic Learning? Not if you can google the answer. Anderson & Ewings Teach Authentic Learning & Assessment at CBExchange 2017.

Authentic learning (AL for short) provides tasks and experiences that closely resemble the expected work environment, and engages students through its practical application. Benjamin S. Bloom created six levels of educational goals. AL takes place in the upper three levels of apply, evaluate, and cr...

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Future proof yourself by learning key transferable skills, particularly learning skills and power-up self assessment.
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How to Help Learners Succeed in an Uncertain Future. Part 1: Transferable Employment Competencies

Ask yourself this question: is the world you're now in the future you prepared for when you were in High School? If you're like me, everything has changed, and keeps changing. The jobs are different. The skills are different. And the future, except for the fact it will change, seems unpredictable. H...

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