Learners accelerate growth in performance power through knowledge, tools, skills, and support.
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Learners Grow Performance Power with Knowledge, Tools, Skills, and Support to Accelerate Learning

Every important thing we do is a performance. Whether students or professionals, learners grow performance power by strengthening their learning.  As long as there's more time, there's opportunity to grow. It's how we use our time and the effectiveness of our learning, that determine how much we gro...

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PowerUp with assessment of learning
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PowerUp: Improve Your Performance Power with 6 Steps and 4 Elements

I took a math class in college for fun. On one problem, I worked very hard until I could solve it. My professor evaluated the work, but was not impressed and told me that in his country they had a saying for such an achievement. "Even a crow can count to three," he said. We essentially were having a...

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