Fireworks. My promise is to get learning going for all learners and facilitators.

I’m David Leasure, and I believe that all people have amazing potential, and that sometimes they need a little help unleashing it.

In 2017, after 25+ years as an educator. I realized that the typical college education does not address the most important skills of life. I created Head4Knowledge to provide you and others the support you need to achieve your full potential.

As a result, with or without college, you’ll learn to be the pilot of your own life, discover the destination you want to reach, avoid the distractions, build your skills and knowledge, and become who you mean you to be while living a positive and meaningful life. That’s having a head4knowledge.

Photo of David Leasure. Build the skills & knowledge you need to reach your dreams. I’ve been helping learners succeed for over 30 years and want to share the best with you. Join me on this journey.

I’m so passionate about providing this that by 2028, I want to have helped 10 million amazing people to develop their Head4Knowledge.

Since I’m serious about this goal, I will offer you free information and tools as well as reasonably priced courses, books, and services to unlock and grow your potential.

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