Power Up Growth. How to Conquer Life’s Challenges.

It's time to powerup your learning. Like the learner in the picture sitting on a pile of books, learning is one of life's greatest tools and also one of its greatest joys.

Most learning in high school or college is curriculum driven. Books are read, flash cards studied, and tests taken. But seldom if ever will you take a test at work.

My earlier posts have talked about the importance of leadership, problem solving, teamwork, written and verbal communication, initiative, adaptability, and work ethic. These areas are the greatest gaps in learning between new graduates and their employers.

The solution is to learn how to learn and grow. My new book, currently being written, will pull together practical methods of learning, problem solving, teamwork, and communication.

Though employers don’t as often say they want someone who can learn, it’s a vital skill for anyone in almost any profession.

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