Commit to your goals. Don't let anything stand in your way.

Ready for Your Future? How to Commit to Your Dreams

Until you commit to your dreams, you haven’t started to make them happen.  If you’re not fully committed, you’ll tolerate too many reasons to quit that will throw you off track. True change begins when you commit to become your future self. Until then, focus on finding the dreams worthy of your commitment. But please, set a deadline and focus on what matters most. Time is running out. When you’ve found that dream, follow the five commitment steps below.

Ready for Your Future?

Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek. — Mario Andretti, Indy 500 winner.

Desire is where commitment starts. Wanting to grow, develop, become someone new. Desire grows into commitment. Wake up tomorrow and say, this is where it ends. I will make it so.

Commitment requires determination. And determination requires belief in yourself. You can believe in yourself because you will find a way. Solve any problem. Overcome any setback. If your ancestors were quitters, you wouldn’t be here. They lived through predators, famine, disease, disaster, and yet were committed to move forward. Be brave. Determined. Committed.

Commit to Your Dreams

You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear. — Sammy Davis, Jr., Entertainer.

Many people who quit their dreams do so because they give in to fear. People crave certainty, and if they can’t see their full path laid out, they give in to their fears and take the clear path to a non dream. They compromise to hide their fear.

Defeat your fear with certainty of self-confidence. You don’t need a clear path, you need the certain, resolute, and determined belief in your ability to solve the problems and resolve the barriers that will get in your way. Including the barriers in your head: fear, self-doubt, and uncertainty.

Steps to Commitment

  1. Dream Big Dreams. Dream the dreams that are worthy of your life. To find them, write in a journal. Discuss your dreams with friends and loved ones. Refer to the post, Discover Your Dreams in 6 Steps, for other ideas.
  2. Get some help. Recruit a mentor who will help you. Either way, you commit because you’ve dreamed big dreams, and you’ve got the confidence that you have the skills and help you need.
  3. Turn your dreams into goals. By writing your dreams as goals, you give yourself a timeline and the measures to keep you going in the right direction. See the post Five Steps Turn Dreams Into Goals in One Hour.
  4. Set milestones. While you may not know all the steps to get to your dreams, milestones give you reasonable first steps. They could be for the month or the quarter. A milestone could be simply “Lose 5 pounds in 1 month by limiting carbs.” It has a measure, a time frame, and a method which are enough to get you started. See the post, Master Taskers Prioritize and Execute
  5. Whether you reach your milestone or not, assess your accomplishment. From the assessment, you’ll learn how to improve, stay on target, and stay committed.


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Photo by Wilson Sánchez on Unsplash.