PowerUp with assessment of learning

PowerUp: Improve Your Performance Power with 6 Steps and 4 Elements

I took a math class in college for fun. On one problem, I worked very hard until I could solve it. My professor evaluated the work, but was not impressed and told me that in his country they had a saying for such an achievement. “Even a crow can count to three,” he said. We essentially were having a PowerUp Disagreement.

My professor’s idea of success was different than mine, for I knew what I had learned to be able to solve the problem. For him, I had barely met his standard for a graduate level mathematics student.  I didn’t have a fixed standard — I wanted to assess and grow my mathematical performance power. Do a math powerup.

When we judge performance against a standard, we are evaluating.

When we’re simply seeking an improvement, and measuring the result to give improvement advice, we are assessing for improvement.

Whether we’re learning, working, playing sports, making music or other activities, they are all performances. All performance may be assessed for improvement or for evaluation. If we want to grow the quality of our performance, we want to use improvement assessment, even though its more common to use evaluation.

Next Steps

Explore why we prefer improvement assessment to support growth, how you can make it work, how you can do self-assessment, and how to turn evaluation into assessment, as I did with my math experience.

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Photo by Julia Komarova on Unsplash