Picture of mapping tools. Assessing Authentic Learning is done through Authentic Tasks. How someone uses the tools and knowledge to perform is crucial to success. Validity of assessment is enhanced when performances are authentic.
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Authentic Learning? Not if you can google the answer. Anderson & Ewings Teach Authentic Learning & Assessment at CBExchange 2017.

Authentic learning (AL for short) provides tasks and experiences that closely resemble the expected work environment, and engages students through its practical application. Benjamin S. Bloom created six levels of educational goals. AL takes place in the upper three levels of apply, evaluate, and cr...

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Learners accelerate growth in performance power through knowledge, tools, skills, and support.
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Learners Grow Performance Power with Knowledge, Tools, Skills, and Support to Accelerate Learning

Every important thing we do is a performance. Whether students or professionals, learners grow performance power by strengthening their learning.  As long as there's more time, there's opportunity to grow. It's how we use our time and the effectiveness of our learning, that determine how much we gro...

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Future proof yourself by learning key transferable skills, particularly learning skills and power-up self assessment.
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How to Help Learners Succeed in an Uncertain Future. Part 1: Transferable Employment Competencies

Ask yourself this question: is the world you're now in the future you prepared for when you were in High School? If you're like me, everything has changed, and keeps changing. The jobs are different. The skills are different. And the future, except for the fact it will change, seems unpredictable. H...

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Skills, teamwork, dedication, and reliability are required for champion rowers.
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Do you have the skills you need to succeed in any Job?

In 2014, the National Network of Business and Industry Associations published the Common Employability Skills. The National Network represents a broad range of employers across many industries. A combination of personal skills, people skills, workplace skills, and applied knowledge are at the core o...

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Commit to your goals. Don't let anything stand in your way.
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Ready for Your Future? How to Commit to Your Dreams

Until you commit to your dreams, you haven't started.  During any dream worth pursuing, too many reasons to quit rise up to throw you off track. True change begins when you commit to become your future self. Until then, focus on finding the dreams worthy of your commitment. But please, set a deadlin...

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There ae 6 steps and 4 elements to powerup to a better self.
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Are you learning the slow way? 6 Steps and 4 Elements to PowerUp Learning & Performance

Playing it safe, never taking learning & performance risks, is the slow way to learn. Brain-wise, you learn more from failure than from success. And you learn even more when you approach failure with a positive attitude. By taking risks, you not only learn more, but attempt more as well. This co...

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educational vampires use evaluation in the wrong settings. Innoculate yourself by practicing self-assessment.
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Educational Vampires — PowerUp to Protect Yourself and Loved Ones (updated)

Protect yourself and loved ones from the grievous bite of the Educational Vampires using a technique called PowerUp. This article will explain why PowerUp works as both a cure, in it's regular form, and a vaccine when using Self-PowerUp. PowerUp is the single most effective tool that could transform...

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PowerUp with assessment of learning
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PowerUp: Improve Your Performance Power with 6 Steps and 4 Elements

I took a math class in college for fun. On one problem, I worked very hard until I could solve it. My professor evaluated the work, but was not impressed and told me that in his country they had a saying for such an achievement. "Even a crow can count to three," he said. We essentially were having a...

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