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Discover Your Dreams in 5 Steps

You have the power to Direct Your Life. In this next step of the chapter, Goal Management, you discover the dreams you cherish.  You’ll also learn a valuable technique called “don’t just think it, ink it” which we use throughout Head4Knowledge to turn our thoughts into actions.

Get your writing tool ready.

Your Dreams

Achieving your dreams starts with, well, having dreams. As a child you were asked, “Who do you want to be when you grow up?” If you’re not working on your dreams, then you’re working on someone else’s dreams.  We get what we accept in life, and that acceptance hides our dreams from us as we “settled” for a life less than we desire.

Use a technique called discovery writing / writing to think to discover the dreams you cherish.

Ink It to Discover

Let’s get the answers down on paper.  It’s time to Ink It  and not just Think It. Writing your dreams and goals down greatly improves the chance you’ll accomplish them. Sit down at your keyboard or with a pad of paper, wherever you feel the most comfortable, and start writing about what you want from life, what your story is when you’re older, then, do the following:

  1. List your goals and reasons for those goals; the following questions might help discover them:
    • Who do I want to say that I am?
    • Who do I want to be with?
    • What do I want to experience?
    • How do I want to feel?
    • What matters to me?
    • What change do I want to see in the world?
  2. Re-read your writing. Circle or highlight the main goals. Have you listed why each is important to you? If you have listed a reason, ask why that reason is important to you. Repeat that question until you get to the big why of your goals.
  3. Is each of the goals you’ve written  important to you, personally, or to someone else? Why?
  4. If you’re not happy with your goals, write until you are pleased with the result.
  5. When you like what you see, rewrite your goals, in order of importance, on a fresh page or new file. Put a date on it so you can keep your future versions in order.

These are your goals. Stick your list on your fridge door and review them regularly. Also keep a copy in your files, either a photograph or typed. They’re subject to change as you discover constraints or new dreams; regardless, they are under your direct control.

Next Steps After You Discover Your Dreams

This post is in the Chapter on Goal Management. The chapter covers the steps from discovering your dreams, to celebrating their reality. In this chapter we cover a system that integrates five year, one year, quarterly, monthly, and daily planning, execution, assessment, and adjustment so that your dreams become your reality.

Delve the posts below in the given order to transform your dreams into accomplishments!

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  5. Ten Challenges to Goal Setting (and how to resolve)
  6. Set Your Quarterly Milestones
  7. Create Your Agile Monthly Plan
  8. Master Taskers Prioritize and Execute
  9. Nine Steps Adjust Your Plans and Improve Your Progress with Your Monthly-Assessment in One Hour
  10. Nine Steps to Celebrate and Learn from Your Quarterly-Assessment in One Hour
  11. Reflect Annually to Celebrate with Loved Ones and Continue Directing Your Future

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Our thanks to William Stitt for his photo posted on Unsplash