Use the resources of knowledge, brain tools, skills, and methodologies to grow your potential performance each day for the rest of your life.

Grow Your Potential Each Day

Each day you grow, your potential is better tomorrow than today. That’s because each day is an opportunity to improve your performance potential. Whether your performance is learning, work, or life, Head4Knowledge will guide you with blog posts, podcasts, webinars, and courses to grow into the best you can be, each day, each week, each year, and so on.

We Want to Help You Grow Your Potential

We’re your hosts, Debbie Leasure and Dr. David Leasure. We built Head4Knowledge to serve one purpose: to help you and anyone else who wants to become all they want to be by sharing what we know. We built Head4Knowledge with our combined 50 years of working professionally, teaching, developing curriculum, and researching learning and performing. Access these resources to find inspiration, tools, techniques, and resources that you can practice, every day to be better tomorrow:

  • treat yourself kinder
  • focus on the positive
  • define your life’s purpose
  • set goals, create plans, and be a master tasker who does the most important things first
  • self-assesses to improve your performance
  • help others succeed
  • and learn many more techniques to help you be more effective

Head4Knowledge is not a grab bag of tips and hacks to make pieces of your life better. It’s a comprehensive system for becoming your vision of who you want to be and getting done what matters most to you.

Each week we’ll post new blogs, create new podcasts, and improve our courses to help you keep improving. Subscribe to our blog and podcast, and join our free performing & learning community or take one of our free courses.

Suggested Next Step

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Our Mission

The mission of Head4Knowledge, a unit of Higher Learning Challenge LLC, is to help people, ages 13-113, achieve success in life, on their terms, using the knowledge, skills, brain tools, and methodologies needed to succeed.

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