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At Head4Knowledge, our mission is to help everyone who wants to succeed in learning, work, and life. Our techniques draw from decades of experience developing college programs combined with the latest research. What we know is that anyone can learn, can improve, and can succeed. What everyone needs is the knowledge, skills, habits, and mentors that help them succeed. Our site provides what you need to begin your path to success!


Start Now with Key Skills

Learn From Your Past Then Move Forward

You are not your past. It has no claim on you, if you don't let it. Letting go is the first step to moving forward. We find many people who feel like their past won't release them, and that who...

Manage Your Time to Accomplish Your Priorities

Everyone would love more time to get everything done that matters to them. No one has enough. As you read this, the time you have left in your life to accomplish your life vision is getting...

Assess Every Performance to Improve

Everything we do is a performance with an outcome. Writing creates a story. Building creates a house. Learning changes your brain.

When we assess a performance, we measure it's quality to...

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21 Sep

What’s stopping you?

You spent some time with your goals, and now you have a list. Are they going to happen? If you're skeptical about that, you probably have the experience to say, "I've had goals before, but nothing...

20 Sep

The ABCS of Learning

No, not your ABCs from first grade, though that would be a great place to start the ABCS of Learning. These are the critical things we all need to remember as learners.

A - Affective....

A Short Walk

It's a short walk on the planet. Make the most of it! -- Glenn Jones - Online Education Pioneer

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